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It’s never too early to start planning what to offer your neighborhood trick-or-treaters. These remarkably/horrifyingly lifelike gummy grubs and caterpillars would make awesome Halloween treats. Although they may look like they just wriggled out of your nightmares, they’re actually handmade, fruit-filled sweets. They’re made in Japan at Akai Tento no Koohii Ten (The Red Tent Coffee Shop), a small coffee stand located on the east coast of Aomori Prefecture.

We can’t stop staring at these photos, because we’re convinced one of the grubs is about to twitch. Akai Tento is a small business, but these amazingly unsettling creepy-crawly gummy candies have earned the shop nationwide (and now international) attention.

Each of Akai Tento’s gruesome gummies is available to buy individually or in packs (or perhaps that should be clutches?) via Yahoo! Japan Shopping, and cost between 300 and 350 yen (US$2.80-3.20) each.

Photos via Akai Tento and Yahoo! Shopping

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Peter Cook, Mound


Peter Cook, Mound

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Abandoned Greenhouse 


Abandoned Greenhouse 

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For me, wilderness is a tonic, a retreat from the frenzy of modern life, a refuge to recharge and reconnect. As we celebrate the Wilderness Act’s 50th anniversary, we pause to look back and thank the wilderness champions who came before us. We’ve inherited a monumental blessing. And we’re grateful to all those individuals, organizations, and agencies who continue the important work of strengthening this wilderness legacy and ensuring that these beloved areas are protected and preserved for future generations. — Jerry Perez, BLM Oregon/Washington State Director

BLM Oregon employees, local residents and visitors enjoy diverse and rugged wilderness areas managed by the BLM, like the Steens Mountain Wilderness pictured here. Photos by Tom Wilcox and Bob Wick, BLM

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i feel like an adult today!! probably because i recieved my first bills in the mail today (yippe), but our bed was also delivered today and i’ll be 21 on satuday ^__^ 

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in my pre-move bittersweet mood

excited and happy and also a lil sad, i’ll have a better space this year and that’ll feel much better but being away from family, chrissy n other friends is very hard



cats are mysterious and powerful and we must respect them


cats are mysterious and powerful and we must respect them

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this episode changed me forever

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untitled by patrickjoust on Flickr.https://www.flickr.com/photos/patrickjoust/15094577951/


untitled by patrickjoust on Flickr.

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Giorgio Barrera - Through the Window (2002-9)

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